$300/2 hrs

  • 2 hours
  • 10 players
  • 5 min per person * estimate
  • Shorter game demos
  • 1 VR station

This package is a lot of fun for a small group. Setup indoors as a grand tour of the best VR demos available. Due to the limited time, with this package it is not recommended to play longer running narative game titles.

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$600/4 hrs

  • 4 hours **
  • 15+ players
  • Entirely depends on head count * estimate
  • All experiences
  • 1 VR station

The ultimate package brings two fully immersive VR stations for extended playtime or more players. Choose this package to get the most out of your event and experience the most VR has to offer.

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* Amount of time per player is an estimate based on the number of players, player switching time (2 min average), and the game types being played assuming an even distribution of playtime. The shortest time per player with switching time is about 6 minutes.
** Contact us if you need to book us for longer than 4 hours so we can work out a custom package and rate.

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