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General questions

We typically try to keep the minimum age around 7. This is for a number of reasons but mainly so we can ensure the equipment is handled with care minimizing the chance for damage. Additionally, many of the games available to play may not be suitable for younger children. Please consider that due to the hightened sense of presence and emersion experience in VR, some games can be much scarier than similar titles on a more traditional TV screen.

That said, the VR headset can physically be used by small children (my own 4 year old plays some VR games) but the younger they are, the more likely we are to experience accidents with the expensive VR equipment. To miniimize the risk, we just put the limit around 7 years old, but if you feel strongly that it would work for your younger ones, contact us and we can chat about it.
As little as 5x5 feet for each VR station is required. For the best experience, a 10x10 foot area for each station will be better.

If you are hosting a birthday party in your home and worried about available space, consider putting one in the living room and one in the garage, or going with just one VR station. You can always contact us. if you have any questions or concerns about your available space.
Yes, with some special considerations:
  • Each VR station must be protected by an 8x8 foot square tent, which can provided by RiverCityVR.
  • The ground surface must be level and without any holes or tripping hazzards.
  • The ground surface must be relatively clean and cannot be muddy, dusty, or covered in thick grass.
  • Electricity must be available at the lcoation where the VR stations are to be setup.

  • * Additional charges may apply for outdoor setup.
    ** Direct sunlight can damage the VR equipment so special care is taken by the station operators to ensure no direct sunlight reaches the lenses of the headset.
Yes, we take hygiene of the devices very seriously to not only protect you and your guests but also our equipment. Between each play session, the waterproof face gasket cover is cleaned thoroughly using anti-bacterial cleaning pads before the next guest is allowed to use it.

* Optionally, we provide VR face socks which can be purchased for an additional charge.
Currently there are 2 stations available for rent at one time. This is great for mutiplayer games, but is not required. Keep in mind that only one guest can use the headset at a time so you might consider that when choosing the number of stations to rent. A typical play session is 10 minutes but this is adjustable upon request or depending upon immediate demand at the event.
The number of guests is variable depending upon how many VR stations are rented and how long of a demo time each guest is allowed. The duration of each guests play time is entirely up to you. Without any specific direction, our station operators will limit the sessions to 10 minutes each. Renting more than one VR station is required for multiplayer games, however single player experiences are incredibly fun as well. When planning your event, it is often best to expect your guests to want to have more than one turn.
Here is an example event configuration:
Assuming two VR stations rented with each guest enjoying 10 minute long VR sessions, a 2 hour event would accomodate 10 guests with two plays each.

Quick Reference

Space Requirements

Each VR station must have a minimum 5x5 feet available to it but a maximum of 12x12 feet.

How Long is a VR Session?

The duration of each guests play time is entirely up to you. Without any specific direction, our station operators will limit the sessions to 10 minutes each

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